Is Chris Farrell Membership Worth It? [Find Out Here]

There are so many make money online schemes these days. It is hard to know which are for real and which are low value and just about enticing you to hand over your hard-earned cash.

What you may at first think will be a multiplier of your limited resources may in fact turn out to be a drain on that precious supply.

So which one is the Chris Farell Membership? Will it lay you a golden egg or will it burn a hole in your pocket? Read on to find out! Golden Egg

At A Glance:

Name: Chris Farrell Membership (CFM for short)


Price: $4.95 (for the first 7 days), then $37 per month or $297 per year

Owner: Chris Farrell (no surprises there!)

Overall Mark: 6 out of 10

Who Is Chris Farrell?

If you have visited his website before or watched one of his You Tube videos, you will see that he is a likable chap. A smooth talking Londoner who would do very well on a late night radio show no doubt.

His charm is one of the selling points of the site; he comes across as genuine and it is easy to believe him when he says you can make money from his program.

While it appears he has made it big now living in L. A, he doesn’t flaunt his wealth or make crazy promises such “as you will make millions overnight with his secret formula” etc.

Although I do think he makes online marketing sound easier than it is. In one of the first videos you are directed to on his site, he sends e-mails to some of his e-mail list. He offers them some paid training. On his return after watching a movie, he checks his PayPal account and voila! he has made $1000s.

My issues with this are:

⇒it is going to take time to build up an e-mail list,

⇒he has an online presence so it is easier for him to sell these products (especially his own) than someone just starting out and

⇒you won’t be able to keep offering the same old product to your e-mail list! Your subscribers would soon get tired of this and unsubscribe. While it is true that you don’t have to sell his own products, it’s going to take time and experience to find alternative products to advertise that will generate sales.

An Overview of CFM

When you come to the landing page of the website you are informed that the site has been voted number 1 income service. I want to know by whom? I can’t see who voted this….Chris himself?? At first glace, this gives the visitor trust in the site but I wish that was backed up by statistics from an independent organization. CFM Stamp

While the site contains a fair amount of training, essentially the core of the business is training you to set up a website from where you can run e-mail marketing campaigns.

Traffic (people to your site) is generated through paid ads. There is no training on SEO (site engine optimization) so you will not know how to generate organic traffic (i.e getting to the top pages of search engines like Google without paying for it through ads).

The training provided is step by step so it is helpful for complete beginners but of limited use for everyone else. As the reliance is on paid ads, you have to factor that in when looking at the overall cost of the program.

Also, there are tools that you can purchase from third parties (e.g Leadpages) on his site. (If you buy through his site, Chris gets commissions from this! Not sure if this is genius or a sneaky move!) So again, you have to be aware that there are additional costs that have to be factored in on top of the membership price.

Tools And Training

The website itself has a clean and attractive layout and is easy to navigate around.

The core training is 31 videos entitled ‘10 minutes to success’ each less than 10 minutes in length. So bite sized. Nice. By following the training step by step, you will be able to set up a website (but the focus will be on creating a landing page) from where you can start your e-mail marketing campaign. CFM Training

There is another section on ‘I love traffic‘. Here you will learn how to set up Facebook ads. As I said above, there is no training to help you obtain organic traffic though. So the course is reliant on paid Ads to get seen on search engines.

In my opinion, you still need organic traffic to maintain a consistent passive income. Reliance on paid ads means you are paying for this without having the guarantee that you will have an income that will justify that cost outlay. So that is one of the main weaknesses of CFM. I am not saying you can’t be successful this way. But at first you may be spending a lot and not seeing any results. For me if I was investing money into ad campaigns I would want to see quick returns. I don’t think you are going to see that straight away; not on a consistent basis anyway.

Under the section called ‘money making labs‘ you will learn how to use Lead Pages, Click Funnels and hosting webinars. This is all good stuff to get started with but will only get you so far.

Under Webinar training, there are 7 videos on this. So some training on this area but it is not exactly extensive.

In the tools section there are shown various third party tools such as Aweber (for setting up an e-mail autoresponder) and GotoWebinar.


There is not much of a community on the site (see in contrast the community in Wealthy Affiliate which I discuss below). Communication between other members is quite basic and not conducive to engaging with others who are in the same position as you in my opinion. It is important to be able to reach out to like-minded individuals. CFM Members Area

This can be a lonely business. When you are just starting out people around you may be saying to you to stop wasting your time and money. By having a community around you, you get to hear about other entrepreneur’s success stories, some direct encouragement when you need it and a nudge to keep on going when you feel like giving up.

I don’t know of anyone who at the beginning has doubts about setting up an online business. You need to know there are others like you out there!

But back to talking about CFM….

If you get stuck on something, there is a query form to submit by e-mail. There are also some FAQs. Again, the tech support is not particularly, how can I put it? well, not hi-tech! This may be frustrating, especially if you encounter a number of technical issues that are preventing you from progressing your business.


The initial price for membership (at $37 per month ) seems at first glance quite affordable for most. However, as you get into the course, there are some up sells (so additional training that Chris offers you at an additional cost). Having said that, it looks like that he has not gone crazy with up sells as some training providers do.

So all in all a fair price. Remember, though, the reliance the course has on paying for ads to generate traffic as I said above and third party products like LeadPages.

So Is Chris Farrell Membership Worth It??

It all depends. If you are a beginner and you want to fairly quickly get going with e-mail marketing, this course is for you. If you would prefer not to rely on e-mail marketing and/or you are not a beginner, then this course will not hold your interest for very long.

And so what is the alternative?

It’s Wealthy Affiliate! Read my review on Wealthy Affiliate here!


The training is in depth and will give you a solid foundation for an internet business. You will learn how to build organic growth through Site Engine Optimization (SEO) as I discussed above and how to run paid ad campaigns as well. You will learn how to be an affiliate marketer and generate sales through affiliate links that you insert into your website.

Not only that but the training is also been constantly added to and updated. The amount of training available there is simply mind blowing. There is also live training once a week (recorded so you can watch at any time if you do not catch it live).

There is a large and active community. There is live chat so you can engage easily with other members. The tech support is very responsive too. Once you have paid your membership fee (monthly, six monthly or yearly) there are no annoying up sells! So no hidden costs for some special training!

Why not give Wealthy Affiliate a go for free? I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Any questions about this post, please leave for me below. I will be happy to respond to you and thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Is Chris Farrell Membership Worth It? [Find Out Here]”

  • I think you saved me some money. You are right Chris Farrell is very appealing in his presentation but his claims seem a little bit too good to be true. I guess the Chris Farrell Membership could work for some people and if you learn something from the experience that is good but there must be some better alternative and WA is worth a look.

    • Hi Lee, thanks for your comment. Chris Farrell Membership is a genuine site to start an online business for sure. But I think ‘start’ is the operative word there. Once you get established you might be left feeling, “well what’s next?” and I think CFM doesn’t have the depth to take you on to that next stage. Wealthy Affiliate, however, I believe has the capacity to take you as far as you want to go given the huge amount of training and support there is. Thanks again for taking time to comment. 

  • It is looking like these are recurring themes that are re-worded pointing out the same things. Online work is the same as any other work pretty much. The seller, you or ourselves, however, really are selling their self. By this I mean we are using our own words and ideas of product, services to promote and hopefully become lucrative. Selling knowledge that is wrapped inside the product or service seems to be the nucleus for success. One has to know what their doing and speaking of. My experience with knowledge is vast, but in different ways that I have found to be intangible, to a point. So with that, my opinion about the topic, online work, is that as I stated in my second sentence; all is work. Knowing what one wants and can do are important. The constructs of computer programming versus the sales man / women are two different worlds that work independently, but depend on one another.

    • Thanks Thomas for your comment. I think there are a lot of common threads when it comes to the various sites that promote courses for setting up online businesses. They do re-package it in different ways but when you take time to ‘look under the hood’ as it were, most have much the same engine. But I think what sets Wealthy Affiliate apart is the colossal amount of training available (which is growing all the time) and the community spirit that is encouraged by the owners of the site which leads to members helping each other out. 

  • Thanks for the helpful article James. As someone who is in the early stages on my online career I am definitely educating myself on the various means of making income online. Unfortunately many of these are scams or just not practical for a beginner. You touch on a key point about Chris Farrell already having clout, traffic, and a massive email list. This is something that no newbie starts out with in their toolkit and it’s one of the most difficult aspects of growing a business online, especially, as you noted, without paid ads. I agree that WA is a nice alternative place to begin, especially for complete beginners because they offer tools to concretely get you going and growing without having to invest much money upfront. In the future I may look into the CFM program if I decide to pursue email marketing more aggresively. Thanks again for the helpful review!


    Connor Morgan

    • Connor thanks for your comment on the above post. Yes that may be a way to go too. By going through the training first on Wealthy Affiliate and building a foundation for your online business you will be better informed to know if there are any other courses out there which can take it to the next level. 

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